Guangdong vikon Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

*Guangdong Weikang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has a headquarters and two companies. The R&D center and operation center are located in Guangzhou and Dongguan. It is composed of more than 10 industry senior elites and 100 quality/production skilled employees.

*In line with the concept of health/environmental protection, we will provide you with fashionable and light luxury fragrance/beauty care-hotel/family/auto product experience

*The company was founded by several senior product/R&D personnel who have been passionate about life in this field in Shenzhen for more than 10 years (all of whom have joined and served the world’s top 500 products/R&D departments). In order to achieve common ideals, they gathered in Guangzhou in 2016 to establish Weikang Technology. Commitment to the vision of "make breathing smooth; let health take home", to bring more fragrance systems/beauty care equipment to the people of the world, and contribute one's own strength;

* Since its establishment, adhering to the concept of independent innovation, independent research and development of the core patented technology of fragrance nozzles, has developed dozens of practical fragrance products and beauty care products used in various fields;

And in-depth exploration of industry pain points:

Fragrance machine: There are unique treatment methods for the key technical points of atomization equipment such as atomization noise/atomization particles/atomization volume unstable/atomization leakage.

Personal beauty equipment: in-depth exploration of key technical points such as liquid leakage, motor noise/life, suction, etc.

*Products are mainly used in:

Atomizing disinfection, spraying and killing mosquitoes, cleaning, deodorizing, etc. in public places and family places such as hotels/KTV/malls/hospitals/airports/stations.

Car portable health/purification equipment, purify the air inside the car, relieve driving fatigue, and other comprehensive solutions for car safety and health

Health and beauty care in hotel/family/car scenes