Guangdong vikon Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

Guangdong Weikang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., located in Dongguan, an important industrial area, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development of practical intelligent body induction cleaning equipment, commercial smoke purification equipment, industrial smoke purification equipment, and intelligent body induction equipment.

The main products are: intelligent sprayer, automatic body induction sprayer, automatic body induction soap dispenser, automatic body induction faucet, smoke purifier, welding dust purifier, laser engraving purifier, laser cutting purifier, dust collector, intelligent Fresh air system, etc.

The products are mainly used for human body cleaning, industrial smoke purification, odor elimination, workshop cleaning, metal processing dust control, production operation dust control, various types of processing dust control, and central air fresh air purification.

Products are widely used in industrial, commercial, home and other places, such as: various health places, electronic soldering workshop, laser welding, laser marking, hospital operating room, chemical laboratory, beauty salon, moxibustion salon, LED manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, Printing and other fields; is the best supplier of comprehensive solutions for sanitation and cleaning, smoke/dust control environment.

We have always insisted on going deep into the customer site to understand the changing common conditions and needs of the customer, and carefully listen to the customer's feedback, from personal hygiene cleaning to industrial hygiene cleaning, smoke traps to suction lines, from filtration systems to fan systems It is the mission and value of Weikang to develop and design more environmentally friendly and hygienic cleaning supplies and more efficient absorption, lower consumption and safe smoke/air purification systems for customers with different needs. Weikang is providing more reliable protection for more workers and reducing the cost and energy of environmental purification investment for many enterprises.

Since its establishment, Weikang Intelligent Technology has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "delivering happiness" and the core concept of trust/sincerity;

With the vision of "becoming a leader in the field of sanitation cleaning and dust fume purification", we are committed to creating a highly innovative and competitive modern intelligent cleaning and environmental protection integrating "R&D, design, production, manufacturing, sales and service". enterprise.