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2020 backpack electrostatic sprayer ULV

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ULV electrostatic sprayer / electrostatic disinfecting sprayer / backpack electrostatic sprayer

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • ULV Electric spray
  • Range up to 8 meters
  • Super large flow and super atmospheric pressure, not restricted by liquid medicine, can atomize any liquid
  • Easy to carry, can be carried by hand, can be carried on the shoulder
  • Corrosion resistant PP material

Product Details

Advantages of 1500W spray disinfection machine: It can be applied to government, hospitals, communities, parking lots and other commercial areas for express delivery disinfection. This is a cold atomization spray, which is safe and reliable (not like other disinfection sprays because of the principle of heating atomization, which leads to hidden safety hazards)
1.Wide application of atomized liquid: it can atomize any water-based and oil-based disinfection liquid and sterilization liquid
2.Long range: static wind jet distance: 8-10 meters
3.The atomization amount is super large and the atomization particles are fine: 470ml / Min
4.Convenient operation: easy to carry with hand, 5M long wire
5.Oversized bottle: capacity 5L

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