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DW-700Scent Diffuser

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Aroma Diffuser / Scent Diffuser / Scent Diffuser Machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Aluminum fuselage
  • Plugging makes it easy to replace essential oils
  • Unique shape, oblique blow atomization
  • Fall-resistant, corrosive imported engineering plastics resistant to essential oils
  • Remote control, remote control with battery, memory function

Product Details

Model :DW-700

Color: Black/Gold/Silver

Product Size :L183* W183*H630mm 

Power suppiy mode:AC

Volatage: Dv12V

Power :14W

Volume :<40DBA

Workng way :24 Hours Can Be Choose

New weight :4.1kg

Material :Aluminum alloy

Coverage: 3000-5000cubic meter

Bote capacity :500mL

Oil consumption: 4.0ml/n

Installation method: be born

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