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Dust purifier Model vk-j300a

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Smoke extractor / Smoke exhauster / Smoke purifier

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • External flange can be connected
  • Filter moxibustion health care, solder, laser marking smoke
  • Lightweight and easy to move,
  • It can be used without installation,
  • Take up less space

Product Details

"J300a dust purifier" is the first research and development and production of our company, which represents the high-end level of the industry and leads the top products in the dust purification industry!

Application site:

It has good purification and filtration effect for smoke, dust, peculiar smell, poisonous and harmful gas produced in soldering iron and soldering (up to 4 working positions at most), tin dipping in tin furnace, laser marking, laser engraving, grinding and cutting, etc.

The product is suitable for point-to-point absorption of pollutants, and can also be used for open air purification!

In these occasions, there will be a large number of harmful smoke, gas and particles. For example, different materials, additives and welding temperature will produce different moderate poisons and carcinogens. This series of purification equipment is the first choice to protect the health of operators.

The product adopts multi-layer filtration device, including primary filter cotton, F6 primary filter, heap high-efficiency filter and activated carbon filter.

The air volume can be adjusted steplessly and accurately according to the amount of pollutants produced. It can effectively filter and intercept 0.3 μ m polluted particles and adsorb toxic gases, and the filtration purification rate can reach 99.9%. The purified air can be directly discharged indoors.

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