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Dust purifier Model vk-h100c

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Smoke extractor / Smoke exhauster / Smoke purifier

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • It is suitable for single station, filtering moxibustion health care, solder, laser marking smoke.
  • It's lightweight,
  • Easy to move,
  • It can be used without installation,
  • It takes up less space.

Product Details

name Smoke purifier

model H100C

Inlet air interface                       φ75mm

input voltage                               AC220V 50Hz

Rated power                               100W

wind speed                               15m/s

Filtering effect                               0.3μm 99.99%

The noise                                       <42dB

Smoking pipe (standard)               Bamboo tube φ75mm*L1.4M

wind quantity                               230m³/h

 fuselage size(mm)                          W420×T245×H450

Body weight(No smoking arm)       15kg

Smoking pipe                               Optional (aluminum tube or bamboo tube)

smoke hood                               Optional

certification                               FCC/CE/ROSH

brand                                       Yovikon 

ODM/OEM Support

advantages Suitable for single station, filter moxibustion health care, soldering tin, laser marking smoke.Light body, easy to move, no installation can be used, take up less space.

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