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Dust purifier Model vk-j400b

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Smoke extractor / Smoke exhauster / Smoke purifier

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • External flange can be connected
  • Suitable for soldering tin, laser marking smoke
  • Lightweight and easy to move,
  • It can be used without installation,
  • Take up less space

Product Details

It has good purification and filtration effect for smoke, dust, peculiar smell, poisonous and harmful gas produced in laser marking, laser engraving and other occasions.

The appearance is simple and elegant. Integrated design of the fuselage, using metal frame structure, high-quality cold-rolled steel electrostatic spraying process, durable;

The humanized operation panel is more classic and delicate, full of technology and refreshing;

The inlet and outlet flange can be flexibly configured according to the demand;

Quick removal design of filter element, convenient and efficient replacement;

The brushless DC motor and built-in controller are adopted to guarantee the performance and quality;

Stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption and long working time. No regular maintenance, lower cost;

The vortex type backward design and special alloy material are adopted to effectively prevent the wind wheel from being corroded. The unique dynamic balance correction technology makes the wind turbine run more stable and reliable. High air volume, large suction, higher filtration rate;

It adopts multiple filtration design. Filter layer by layer to ensure that the harmful smoke and dust are filtered more thoroughly. The highest purification rate is 99.97%;

Modular design, layer by layer protection. Each layer of filter can be replaced separately, the service life of filter element is longer and the replacement cost is lower.

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