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Smoke purifier

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Moxibustion smoke purifier / Laser smoke purifier / Soldering smoke purifier

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1.Portable or movable, easy to handle to different areas.
  • 2. With Intelligience application thus cost down accordingly.
  • 3. layers filter which ensures the purification effect.
  • 4.Wide appication (hosipital, body care, factory workshop,etc)
  • 5. Hign-end cosmetic outlook.

Product Details

1. It can be moved at will and area purification can be moved at will (traditional purifier cannot be moved and disassembled)

2. Intelligent control, low cost

3. Three layers of filter, high purification effect and thorough purification

4. It has a wide range of application places and can adapt to any place

5. Fashionable and high-end appearance, showing high grade

Guangdong vikon Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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